Paricutin Foundation
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Our History:

  We mark February 20, 1943 as the founding date of our organization.  It is the date in which the volcano Paricutin erupted in the state of Michoacan, Mexico, from whom this organization derives its name and whose image is reflected in our logo. In the midst of World War II, a few young Hispanic bachelors formed the Paricutin Social Club whose main focus was purely social.  It soon became the premier Hispanic bachelors' club in the San Antonio community.  Its annual Sweetheart Ball and Collegiate Dance were the most sought after invitations.  In the early 1970's, the club ceased to exist as did all other Hispanic social clubs.   
  In 1986, four former members of the club, at a social function, recalled the club's old times and expressed the idea of a reunion of former club members.  The idea was put into motion and it was soon learned that other former members had the same thought and the desire to activate the club again.  The second eruption of the Paricutin Social Club occurred in October 1987 with the "Grand Reunion Dance" honoring former members and recognizing former social clubs.  The club evolved into a men's social club whose membership was made up of former members of the club.  The focus of the club was to raise funds through social functions, to award scholarships to deserving disabled high school graduates (until 2002).  In 1999, we again changed our focus as well as our name.  We became The Paricutin Civic and Educational Foundations, Inc. (501(c)3 non-profit foundation).  We are a mixed gender organization whose goal is to assist charitable causes and fund scholarships for young Hispanic students.  Many community, business, and political leaders have passed through our ranks.  Their energy as members and life-long support has endured over the years.  However, it has been our many dedicated followers throughout the many years that have kept the spirit of the Paricutin alive.  
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